why was vegeta’s hair red

why was vegeta’s hair red

Why was Vegeta’s hair red?

Vegeta is one of the most iconic characters in the anime series Dragon Ball. He is a powerful alien saiyan prince who possesses superhuman physical abilities. He is considered one of the strongest characters in the show and has been a fan favorite for many years. Though Vegeta’s appearance changes slightly over the course of the show, one consistent feature of his character is his distinctive red hair. So why was Vegeta’s hair red to begin with?

Ties to His Saiyan Heritage

Vegeta is a powerful member of the powerful alien race known as the Saiyans. As part of their unique physiology, Saiyans possess a unique characteristic which manifests as hair color based on their power level. For example, those with a low power level tend to have black hair, while those with a high power level tend to have red or blonde hair. Vegeta has a fairly high power level and as such, he has been blessed with bright red hair that matches his fiery personality.

Old Japanese Traditions

In addition to having ties to Vegeta’s saiyan heritage, his red hair also draws inspiration from old Japanese traditions. In Japanese culture, red is often seen as a sign of power and strength, and so it was common for powerful characters in anime to have red hair. Vegeta’s bright red hair was intended to invoke this sense of power and strength as well as to signify his noble origins as a saiyan prince.

A Symbol of Vegeta’s Wariness

Along with his saiyan heritage and anime tradition, Vegetas red hair is also used to symbolize his wariness and distrust of others. Vegeta’s red hair is always styled in a distinctive way; it stands up straight in the air and sticks out from his head at all sides. This particular style is meant to hint at Vegeta’s wariness and distrust of others as even in his own time, something was “off” about him. With his wild hairstyle and bright red hair, Vegeta refused to be just another character in the show and instead rose to fame as a powerful and independent warrior.

Overall, Vegeta’s red hair can be seen as a representation of his saiyan heritage, anime tradition, and his wariness and distrust of others. In many ways, Vegeta’s red hair serves as a reminder of his unique status in the world of Dragon Ball and is key to why he has become such a beloved character among anime fans.

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