why was vegeta’s hair red

why was vegeta’s hair red

Vegeta’s Iconic Red Hair

Vegeta is undoubtedly one of the most popular characters from the cult classic Dragon Ball series, and part of that popularity stems from his unique look. Vegeta’s trademark look includes his stunningly vibrant red hair, and fans have been wondering why his hair is red for decades. Here are a few potential explanations:

Red Hair was Intended to be a Display of Power

In the world of Dragon Ball, power is symbolized by color. To reflect Vegeta’s incredible power and strength, he was given a flash of blazing red hair. This is a sign to enemies of his dominance, which is why the other Saiyans have primarily black hair.

Red Hair is Based on A Real Life Superhero

Vegeta’s red hairdo was partially modeled after real-life superheroes, particularly Superman. It was meant to display his innate power, much like Superman’s blue and red woven suit.

Red Hair is Easily Distinguishable

Since Vegeta has a lot of peers in the Dragon Ball universe, it’s important for him to stand out from the crowd. His red hair serves as a powerful identifier that allows him to remain distinct from other characters.

Red Hair was to Showcase Vegeta’s Unique Style

Vegeta’s look is extremely important to his character development. His red hair is meant to showcase his character’s unique style, a style that is often rough and rugged but still managed. His red hair is a symbol of his strength and tenacity.


Vegeta’s iconic red hair has become synonymous with his character in the Dragon Ball world, and there are many potential explanations for why it’s red. Whether it’s intended to display his power, mimic a real-life superhero, make him stand out from the crowd, or show his unique style, Vegeta’s red hair has been an integral part of the Dragon Ball universe for years.

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