where can i buy canned chop suey vegetables

where can i buy canned chop suey vegetables

Where to Buy Canned Chop Suey Vegetables

Canned chop suey vegetables are an easy way to add Asian flair and veggies to your dishes. So where can you buy them? Here are some helpful tips for finding canned chop suey vegetables:

Grocery Stores

Many regular supermarkets will carry canned chop suey vegetables. Check the canned vegetable aisle of your favorite grocery store. Be sure to check the expiration date on the can!

Specialty Markets

Look for Asian markets in your area to find a wider selection of canned chop suey vegetables. At an Asian market, you can also find fresh and frozen vegetables for making a delicious chop suey dish from scratch.


You can find a variety of canned chop suey vegetables online from specialty retailers. Here are a few popular sources:

  • Amazon
  • Asian Food Grocer
  • Wai Yee Hong Chinese Supermarket

No matter how you choose to buy your canned chop suey vegetables, make sure to check reviews and ingredient lists before purchasing. With these simple tips, you’ll be enjoying your favorite Asian dishes in no time.

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